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As full-service realtors, we provide a list of inside and outside fix-ups to maximize your sale price.  The most common recommendation is to reduce clutter.  Prospective buyers need to imagine your home as their home - clutter prevents that.

Painting provides the best return on your dollar, both inside and out.  Curb appeal (what the buyers see as they drive up) sets the tone for how the buyers perceive the rest of your home.

As a team we offer the male and female perspectives on how your home should be staged, and Nancy is a certified Home Stager.  We do mini-stagings, especially for vacant homes as part of our full service.  Preparing your home is a team effort.

If you want to go further, we can recommend professional home stagers.  Please read on for Kim Furman's tips, and contact her directly to learn more.

Kim Furman
Key Impressions
Property Enhancement Specialist

P.O. Box 466, Aptos, CA 95001-0466
Office/Fax: (831)684-2383    Direct: (831) 818-8215


Kim Furman

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The First Impression is the Key Factor in Selling Your Home.

Your home is your home until you make a decision to sell it.  Then it becomes a marketable product, and needs to look its best to sell quickly and at the highest price.

A Professional Home Stager can help you prepare your home to look its best whether it is currently lived in or an empty house.

Commonly Asked Staging Questions

Why Call a Real Estate Stager?

  • A stager brings an objective perspective on how to promote a home in the current marketplace.
  • A staged home increases a home's perceived value.
  • Staging creates an attractive and inviting environment enabling the buyers to picture themselves living in the house.

Who Can Benefit from Staging?

  • Homeowners currently occupying their home as well as empty homes.
  • Any home on the market can benefit from staging so it can sell quickly and get the highest possible price.  "In a slow market staging makes a home sell quicker.  In a hot market it makes the home sell for more money".

What Does Home Staging Involve?

  • It could be as simple as an overview consultation advising the seller how to prepare the home to sell, or rearranging the existing furnishings and accessories to furnishing empty houses.
  • Enhancing curb appeal, eliminating clutter, depersonalizing the environment and highlighting the key features of the home.
  • The art of placement and harmonizing the environment through Feng Shui.
  • Suggestions for painting and minor repairs and referral sources.

Why Can't I do it Myself?

  • Sellers have an emotional attachment to their homes.  A knowledgeable professional can give an unbiased and fresh perspective on how to prepare the home for listing.
  • Enlisting the skills of a staging consultant is a cost effective way to showcase a house making a notable first impression on a potential homebuyer.
  • Consider this ... most often a person selling a car will go to the time and expense of detailing it before placing an ad in the paper.  Shouldn't the same consideration be given to a house?

How Much Furniture is needed to Stage an Empty House?

  • It is not essential to decorate every room.  It is necessary to furnish significant living areas.  These include the living room and/or great room, master bedroom and bath, as well as any rooms that might be difficult for a buyer to visualize its usage.